• How to setup working SMTP in phpBB 3 with use GMail, PHP 5 and ISS 5

    Posted on November 3, 2013 by in MediaWiki

    Tested over

    • PHP 5.2.6
    • GMail
    • phpBB 3.0.1
    • ISS 5.1 (Windows XP)


    You was installed mySQL 5.x+, PHP 5.x+, phpBB 3.+, IIS 5.1. PHP 5.x+ could be installed from *.zip to i.e . ‘c:\php’ – it make less mess in operating system.

    You was configure PHP php-cgi.exe (not php5isapi.dll as ISAPI is not working with openssl!) on IIS.

    You was added to PATH variable path to PHP i.e. c:\php.

    You enable in php.ini php_openssl.dll.

    What to do

    Enter into phpBB following configuration:

    SMTP: Yes
    Mail Server: ssl://smtp.gmail.com
    Mail Server Port: 465
    Authorization method: LOGIN
    Login SMTP: your_name_of_account@gmail.com
    Password SMTP: your_password_of_account

    Common errors and problems

    PHP Log Contains: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library c:\php\ext\php_openssl.dll’ – The operating system cannot run %1.

    In majority of case you not:

    • use php-cgi.exe but use php5isapi.dll
      • open right web server path something like ‘Start -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Internet Information Server -> Web Sites -> Default Web site’ this depend where you want to set configuration
      • click right and select ‘Properties’
      • select tab ‘Home directory’
      • select button ‘Configuration’
      • select tab ‘Mappings’
      • search on the list if .php extension is registered
        • if not add .php and reference c:\php\php-cgi.exe set limit to GET,HEAD,POST, set script engine, set check if that file exists.
        • if exists and is mapped to change as above
      • if .php was mapped to php5isapi.dll before change
        • back to ‘Start -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Internet Information Server -> Web Sites’
        • click right and select ‘Properties’
        • select tab ‘ISAPI Filters’
        • remove php5isapi.dll
    • PATH is not set to place where is php.exe with ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll
      • select ‘Start -> My Computer’
      • click right ‘Properties’
      • select tab ‘Advanced’
      • click button ‘Environment Variables’
      • go to ‘System variables’
      • select PATH and add at the start path where is php-cgi.exe and dlls i.e. ‘c:\php’
    • php_openssl.dll extension not enabled in php.ini
      • open php.ini from i.e. c:\php\php.ini
      • search line containing ‘php_opensll.dll’
      • replace from:


      • search line containing ‘extension_dir’
      • replace value to parh where ‘openssl.dll’ exists with other extensions


    If you have questions put it here bellow.

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